Referral Program

Refer a New Member and Earn Play Credit!

Our goal is to make The Raspberry Golf Trail the single best golf experience in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We want golfers—all golfers—to play the trail over and over again. We are willing to reward our trail members for helping us reach this goal.

Refer a friend or family member to the trail and receive a played round credit at any trail club you choose. Fill out one of the referral cards attached below. Include a $10.00 fee to join the trail and return the card to any of our club partners or mail to The Raspberry Golf Trail Promotions, C/O M. Durney, P.O. Box 991, Rutherford College, NC 28671.

Be sure to enter your referral’s correct email address, home address and phone number so we can mail them their trail card. A credit round* (not a free round) will be issued to your account upon receipt of your completed referral card and after your referral customer plays at least one round of golf on the trail. Use this opportunity to add to your qualifying rounds in order to earn your next free round.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you have played The Bridges once and then Penn National, you will want to select a different club partner for your credit round. Referrals are always welcomed. If you have used both referral cards from this guide, simply ask any of our partner clubs for an additional card and keep the referrals coming.